Machine Control

Here you will learn how to integrate a machine into

One of the main functions of 2log is the access control of machines. A machine can be any device with a power cable. From the laser cutter to the band saw to the 3D printer, pretty much any device can be integrated.Thanks to 2log rights management, each user can be given permission to use specific machines. This is done either via individual permissions or via groups.

Via the power consumption, 2log can determine whether a machine is actually working or only in stand-by mode. In this way, the machine usage can be charged according to different pricing models.


Certain hardware and software components are required to set up a machine access control.

The machine itself

Since the 2log Switch controls access to the devices by connecting and disconnecting power, it is important to ensure that all connected machines can handle this. Since 2log detects via power consumption whether the machine is in stand-by mode or actually working, it is ensured that a machine is never switched off from operation.

Depending on the smart sockets used for the 2log switches, it must be ensured that the machines do not draw more current than is supported by the smart plugs.

Needed Hardware

To integrate a machine into 2log, two hardware components are required: A 2log Switch and a 2log Dot. The Dot is a smart RFID reader that reads the user’s cards and logs them into the machine. The Swtich is the actuator. It activates the power supply only when a user with valid authorization has logged on to the system.

Used Software

The 2log Admin App is required to connect the hardware components with the server. The APK for Android can be downloaded here

Setup a Machine Control Instance

Learn how to setup a machine control by connecting Switch and Dot with the 2log system.

Configure a Machine Control

Learn how to configure an access control by setting the current threshold and defining the pricing model.