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2log, A free community and machine management system for workshops, fablabs, maker and hackerspaces.

(Photo by Minku Kang on Unsplash)

2log is a community management system for workshops, fablabs, maker and hackerspaces. 2log is useful everywhere where expensive, sensitive or dangerous machines are made accessible to a broader mass of people.

Machine Access

By interrupting the power supply, the system ensures that only authorized users can operate the machines. By measuring the power consumption, the machine usage time can be billed to the second.

Virtual Tally Sheet

With the virtual tally list, snacks or drinks can be paid directly through the 2log account. The user can authorize himself either with the 2log card or via app.


The statistics dashboard gives you a precise overview of what’s happening in your workshop. From the utilization of individual machines to turnover.

How does it work?

If a user wants to switch on a machine, he must first log in with his 2log RFID card. The card reader is connected to the 2log Cloud via WiFi. The 2log system then checks whether the user is authorized to use this machine or not. Only if the user is really allowed to operate the machine, the power connection is activated. This is done with the help of smart sockets that are connected to the 2log system via WiFi.

How much does it cost?

2log is free OpenSource software and licensed under the AGPL v.3. We have published everything you need to run your own 2log instance!

What about the Hardware?

We have published firmware, plans and STl files so you can easily build the hardware yourself using common tools.

What about Hosting?

2log can be hosted by yourself! The easiest way is via Docker. This way, the data of you and your users does not get into wrong hands.

Join the community!

Get support or share your knowledge with other 2log users. This project is open source and depends on people like you to participate.