Setup the Server Application

Learn how to set up a 2log instance

The easiest way to set up your 2log instance is to use Docker.

Using Docker

The easiest way to set up your 2log instance is to use the Dockerfile provided in the repository. First, make sure that Docker is installed with the associated tool docker-compose.

mkdir ~/2log
cd ~/2log
docker-compose up

By default, the WebAssembly frontend can be reached via Port 8080. If the server is running on your local machine, just visit http://localhost:8080 in your web browser and the UI should come up. You can now login into your instancy by accessing the WebSocket service which is by default accessible via port 4711. To check your instance is up and just type ws://localhost:4711. The initial default login is “admin” with passwort “password”. Don’t forget to change the password after the first login!

Setup Mail Server

The mail server can be configured directly via the environment variables. The easiest way to define these settings is directly in the docker-compose file.

#--------- Mail Server config
#- MAIL_USER=admin
#- MAIL_PASS=password
#- //sender eMail address
#- // readable sender name (optional)
#- MAIL_PORT=587
Variable Description Example
MAIL_HOST How to reach the mailserver
MAIL_USER The login string admin
MAIL_PASS The mail server password xF5s42F1337@r!
MAIL_ADDR Sender eMail Adesse
MAIL_CONNECTION_TYPE Security settings. Supported are TLS, SSL or TCP TLS
MAIL_PORT The port where the mail server is listening 587

Update the instance

To get the latest features and bug fixes it is recommended to update the 2log server regularly.

Updating the 2log instance when using the Docker Compose file is very simple. Just enter the following commands in the command line:

docker-compose pull 2log
docker-compose up

Backup data

All operational data of the 2log instance is stored in the folder ./ It is strongly recommended to back up the folder at regular intervals.