The documentation for the tally sheet is online!

Now a first beta version of the tally sheet is finally available.

Hello out there!

Today I have some news for you again! With the cold season I also have a little more time and motivation that benefits the 2log project. As always I am very happy about feedback. If there are any problems, just contact me via eMail or Discord.

The new tally sheet is here!

I am happy to inform you that now the tally sheet has been released as an Android app. You can use it to account for snacks, drinks or work materials in your community. For example, you just take a coke from the fridge and pay afterwards on the tablet with your 2log card. Without any cash - either with the card or the 2log app. Be sure to try this out and let me know if it works for you!

Alternative Device Provisioning

In addition, the documentation for manual device provisioning has also been added. As mentioned in my last blog post, the 2log admin app sometimes still has problems when provisioning the devices. Therefore I have added an alternative possibility to the documentation. Dot or Switch can now be connected with a Linux shell. Read more…

Many bugfixes

I strongly recommend all users to update the container - I merged some new bugfixes from the dev to the main branch today! Among other things there were some problems with the initial password reset. These are fixed now!

News from the hardware

The board with the fixed ground plane will probably be in my hands on wednesday and I will test it directly. This would also finally solve the bad support of different card types. Furthermore, the new board has another goodie on board: It allows to solder a small OLED display instead of the RFID reader. This should soon make it possible to log in to a machine without a card at all, using only the app.

So stay tuned and check the blog regularly. Have a good time and stay healthy!

See you next time,