2log is ready for 380V devices 🤩

The frequently asked support for three-phase current machines is there!

Hello Friends!

I got a lot of emails and was asked many times, but now it’s time! There is now finally a prototype for 380 volt three-phase machines. Now it is finally possible to integrate 380V workshop machines up to 16 amps into the 2log system. Larger lasers, milling machines and band saws are now no longer a problem.

How does it work?

Unfortunately, there are no ready-made smart 380V plugs that can be easily flashed with their own firmware. That’s why we had to do a little trickery. The switching is done by a three phase contactor. The contactor is switched with a single 220V phase. The Shelly Plug S in its socket housing is rather unsuitable for this job. That’s why we have now extended the firmware to support the Shelly 1PM.

The Shelly 1PM

Please make sure you purchase the Shelly 1PM with the ESP8266 in the round housing and not the square Shelly 1PM Plus, which has a square housing. In terms of features, it is comparable to the Shelly Plug S. The measuring sensor is the same, it also supports the full 16 amps and is also much easier to flash than the Shelly Plug S. Accordingly, the Shelly 1PM together with the DIN rail adapters can also easily be used for single-phase 220V machines. The 3D printed DIN Rail adapters allow the direct installation of the 2log switches into control cabinets and thus additionally protect against vandalism. The firmware and documentation of a 2log switch based on a Shelly PM1 is now online!

Ok, Back to the 380V

The Shelly 1PM now switches the 3 phase contactor and is wired to measure the first phase. This is not optimal, but allows at least for symmetrical loads a reliable measurement of the current consumption.For most machines, however, this should not be a big problem.

How do I build my own?

What do we need?

  • Shelly 1PM
  • 3 phase contactor
  • DIN Rail Housing
  • Some Feed-through terminals

How are the components wired?


You have now learned how to build a 2log switch for heavy current machines using a 220V Shelly 1PM and a three phase contactor. If you have any questions or feedback you are welcome to join our Discord channel.