The 2log app for iOS!

Many bugfixes and a 2log app for iOS!

Hi folks!

It’s time again for some news from the 2log lab! After Corona unfortunately got me too, I’m happy to finally announce some updates.

The last critical bugs are fixed!

Especially the provisioning, i.e. the setup of the devices via the app, unfortunately worked very unreliable in the past. The reason was the automatic switching of the WiFi connection via the native Android or iOS APIs. This problem is (kind of) fixed now. The user must now change the WiFi manually when prompted to do so. It’s a bit more cumbersome now, but it works reliably.

The new Dot PCBs are here - and they work!

The new PCB layout (v3.3) has finally solved the ground plane problem! That means all card types supported by the PN532 can now be read with a 2log Dot. Also new is the possibility to use a 1.3" I2C OLED instead of the RFID card reader. In the future, QR codes will be displayed on it, which will allow logging in via the 2log user app.

The 2log User App - now also available for iOS!

This point pleases me the most, because it really cost a lot of nerves. But the 2log app is now finally available for Apple users. The app is the basis for the concept with the QR codes, which I want to push further with version two. All infos about the 2log User-App can be found at

So, when will version 1.0 finally be released?

Soon, very soon - I promise! Basically everything is there now. From now on it’s just about testing and finding (and fixing) the last minor bugs.

But this should not stop you from using 2log! Even if there is no official version 1.0 yet, the most important features are implemented and tested sufficiently. Therefore: Use, become part of the community and join our Discord channel!

Until then all the best and stay healthy,